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BF.direkt AG regularly publishes press releases and studies shown here in chronological order

Press Releases

Stuttgart, 16 July 2024

BF.capital Launches Another Institutional Real Estate Debt Fund

Stuttgart, 4 March 2024

BF.Quartalsbarometer Q1-2024: Sentiment Brightening Slightly for Second Consecutive Quarter

Stuttgart, 5 December 2023

BF.Quartalsbarometer Q4 2023: Modest Year-End Recovery

Frankfurt, 26 September 2023

Nova Fides: New Consulting Firm for Real Estate Debt Restructuring Goes Live

Stuttgart, 19 September 2023

BF.Quartalsbarometer Q3-2023: Neuer Negativrekord bei Sentimentindex für Immobilienfinanzierer

Stuttgart, 21 March 2023

BF.Quartalsbarometer Q1 2023: Sentiment Index for Real Estate Lenders Hits Another All-Time Low

Stuttgart, 12 December 2022

BF.Quartalsbarometer Q4-2022: Sentiment among Real Estate Lenders Drops to New All-time Low

Stuttgart, 30 August 2022

BAI Newsletter August 2022 - Article Manuel Köppel

Stuttgart, 23 August 2022

BF.Quartalsbarometer Q3 2022: Sentiment among Real Estate Lenders Hits Rock Bottom

Stuttgart, 4 July 2022

BF.real estate finance to Extend its Real Estate Financing Services to International Clients in Future

Stuttgart, 28 March 2022

Kommentar Jan von Graffen, Absolut/private, März 2022

Stuttgart, 21 February 2022

BF.Quartalsbarometer Q1-2022: Sentiment Keeps Deteriorating among Real Estate Lenders

Stuttgart, 15 December 2021

BF.Quartalsbarometer Q4 2021: Sentiment among Real Estate Lenders has Darkened again

Stuttgart, 6 July 2021

BF Group Undergoing Comprehensive Restructuring

Stuttgart, 12 April 2021

BF.direkt AG Recruits Three New Staff

Stuttgart, 6 April 2021

BF.capital Recruits Markus Kipp as Managing Director for Real Estate Debt

Berlin, 26 March 2021

Increased Odds for Long-Term Rise in Inflation Rates

Berlin, 24 February 2021

BF.Quartalsbarometer Q1 2021: Sentiment among Real Estate Lenders, while Brightening, Remains Negative

Stuttgart, 1 October 2020

BF.direkt gains Fabio Carrozza as Head of Relationship Management & Loan Origination

Stutgart, 21 September 2020

BF.capital Grants Two Whole Loans over a Total Amount of 50 Million Euros

Stuttgart, 5 May 2020

Jan von Graffen Appointed as Managing Director of BF.capital

Stuttgart, 1 April 2020

BF.direkt structures financing for two nursing care facilities

Stuttgart, 26 March 2020

BF.direkt brokers and structures financing for project development worth EUR 35 million

BF.Quarterly Barometer

BF.Quarterly Barometer – what the real estate finance industry is thinking

The BF.Quarterly Barometer is one of the most important indicators of sentiment in the commercial real estate finance sector in Germany. It offers detailed insight into the business climate in the industry. The BF.Quarterly Barometer surveys around 110 experts, most of whom are directly responsible for lending to real estate companies. The barometer score is calculated as the composite of various individual scores. The panel comprises representatives of various banks and other finance providers and is prepared by bulwiengesa AG. Prof. Steffen Sebastian, Chair of Real Estate Finance at IREBS, University of Regensburg, acts as scientific adviser for the Quarterly Barometer. He regularly authors the foreword to the Quarterly Barometer, in which he analyses and interprets the results of the survey.

BF.Market Radar

The monthly Market Radar – topical opinion

Once a month, Francesco Fedele, CEO of BF.direkt AG, and Prof. Steffen Sebastian, Chair of Real Estate Finance at IREBS, University of Regensburg, discuss the latest key developments and trends in commercial real estate finance. The topics range from the development of real estate prices and new regulatory initiatives to the European Central Bank’s interest rate policy. The two experts comment on new trends and analyse the market, clearly criticising failings while also coming up with constructive suggestions and initiatives.

Francesco Fedele und Prof. Dr. Steffen Sebastian

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