No measurable “Brexit” impact on market sentiment

No measurable “Brexit” impact on market sentiment

Press release of 25 July 2016

  • BF.Quartalsbarometer in 3rd quarter of 2016 down slightly to +0.52 points
    (previous quarter +1.04)
  • Market sentiment surprisingly remains virtually unchanged despite
    recent events

BF.Quartalsbarometer again is down slightly in the 3rd quarter of 2016, reflecting almost no sentiment change at all on the real estate finance market in relation to the previous quarter. At +0.52 points, the value is hardly below that of the 2nd quarter at +1.04 points. Accordingly, the assessment remains at “balanced market” level. The sideways trend of the barometer value in evidence since Q3/2015 therefore continues.

Financing company margins on portfolio investments are declining, currently amounting to approx. 130 basis points. In contrast, margins in the field of project development have increased slightly, reaching approx. 200 basis points at present.

“The generally expected positive impact of the “Brexit” is not discernible in the current BF.Quartalsbarometer. Instead of falling into euphoria due to assumed positive location-based effects, the mood of the experts is characterised by realism or even skepticism,” explains Francesco Fedele, CEO of BF.direkt AG. “We don’t perceive the rising margins in project development as a trend reversal but as a reaction to the fact that in the current market environment, many financing transactions are being replaced by forward deals, with the rising margins thus being collected across shorter periods of time.”

The publisher of BF.Quartalsbarometer is BF.direkt AG. The independent analysis enterprise bulwiengesa AG carries out and evaluates the survey taken amongst some 130 financing experts. Prof. Dr Steffen Sebastian provides scientific assistance with the project.

BF.Quartalsbarometer Q2 | 2016 is available for download here:


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In continental Europe, bulwiengesa is one of the big, independent firms of analysts operating in the real estate sector.



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