BF.Quartalsbarometer sheds light on loans for commercial properties in Germany

Press release dated 8 July 2015

BF.direkt AG assumes issuance of quarterly barometer on lending practices in commercial real estate financing
BF.Quartalsbarometer sheds light on loans for commercial properties in Germany
bulwiengesa AG in charge of survey and assessment of feedback from respondents

Stuttgart/Germany, 8 July 2015. BF.direkt AG, an independent specialist for commercial real estate financing, is set to take over the task of releasing the quarterly trend barometer on lending practices for commercial real estate in Germany. bulwiengesa AG, an independent analyst organisation of the real estate sector, is in charge as a project partner of publishing the analysis tool that has been renamed into BF.Quartalsbarometer. To this end, bulwiengesa requests information on a quarterly basis from players on the lending side in Germany and uses scientific methods to analyse their feedback. Consulting the BF.Quartalsbarometer can soon provide information at a single glance on the banks’ willingness to finance the purchase of commercial properties in Germany.

The quarterly barometer created by bulwiengesa is an analysis tool that has been established since 2012 and has met with wide acclaim on the financing market. In line with the co-operative venture in place between bulwiengesa and BF.direkt, this will now continue at least for 12 consecutive future reports until mid-2018.

The BF.Quartalsbarometer is considered to be highly meaningful as approx. 90 per cent of the commercial real estate financing volume allocated in Germany is recorded. The organisation bulwiengesa canvasses a panel consisting of over 140 high-calibre experts. This panel was recently further extended and will also continue to be developed in the future. Moreover, bulwiengesa has further improved the quality of the survey and of the analysis of its findings. Thanks to the further developed methodology in place, BF.Quartalsbarometer now reflects market developments in a more sophisticated and sensitive manner. Moreover, the accompanying analysis contains interesting statements on new business, asset classes, expiring loans and margins.

By issuing the BF.Quartalsbarometer, BF.direkt delivers compelling evidence of its special expertise in monitoring and analysing the market in the field of commercial real estate financing and ensures a high level of transparency in the entire specialist public community engaged in this sector. Furthermore, BF.direkt and bulwiengesa are already sponsors of the German Debt Project of the IRE|BS Real Estate Academy at the University of Regensburg and thus also make a key contribution towards market transparency.

BF.direkt CEO Francesco Fedele: “At this stage in particular, when things appear to be moving again in terms of interest rates, transparency is a topic of major interest to all participants engaged in the field of real estate financing. With the aid of a new methodology and an even better panel of experts, the BF.Quartalsbarometer will make an important contribution in this regard. We compile the opinions of high-calibre lenders in the market segments of relevance to us and consolidate these opinions into market statements of note. This level of transparency enables BF.direkt to support both borrowers and lenders alike in their decisions and underscores the company’s importance as an independent structuring entity of individually tailored financing transactions in the real estate sector.”

Andreas Schulten, member of the Management Board of bulwiengesa: “We’re delighted to have found a competent partner in BF.direkt for issuance of the well established quarterly barometer, an instrument that has acquired immense market respect and esteem. BF.direkt commits itself in terms of content and would also like to further increase and extend the quality of this proven tool with the aid of the new data mining methodology.”

Voices have also been heard from the panel of lending experts consulted, who welcome and endorse the immediate continuation of the barometer.

Teresa Dreo, Head of Real Estate at HypoVereinsbank in Munich: “Without current pulsimeters of this kind for the financing market from independent sources, the fine-tuning in our field of business would certainly be more difficult to achieve.”

Markus Kreuter, Director for Commercial Real Estate Origination at Deutsche Bank, agrees, adding: “What’s important to us as far as the barometer is concerned is that the relevant practitioners within the lending entities are interviewed, this ensures the quality and relevance of the statements made.”

About BF.direkt

The company BF.direkt AG is an independent specialist for financing residential and commercial real estate projects. Being one of the leading financing advisors, BF.direkt develops innovative financing strategies and finds suitable financing partners in this field. In the process, the clients of BF.direkt stand to benefit from the company’s numerous connections with big, special and private banks, with capital market service providers, insurers and specialised funds as well as with investment companies for borrowed funding, mezzanine and equity capital.

About bulwiengesa

The company bulwiengesa is one of the large independent analysis entities in the continental European real-estate sector. For over 30 years now, we have supported our partners and customers with issues relating to the property sector as well as location and market analyses. We provide sound data services, perform strategic consultancy and prepare individually tailored expert opinions. Our principals include project developers, construction funding and commissioning bodies, institutional investors, banks, municipalities and portfolio holders and managers.



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