The bottom line: our customers' success is our success

Through realistic assessment of market opportunities BF.direkt has earned the trust and confidence of potential financing partners. This simplifies the realization of our clients’ projects, including those where substantial financial amounts are involved. Several billion euro have been successfully structured to date. These include the following projects:

June 2019

Refinancing of a commercial portfolio in Leipzig

LTV 63 %

June 2019

Property Development Financing in Hesse

LTC 36 %

May 2019

Allocation Measure in Lower Saxony

LTC 90 %

May 2019

Commercial Property in Cologne

LTV 75 %

March 2019

Residential Portfolio financing in Frankfurt am Main

LTV 74 %

February 2019

Property Developer Financing in Nuremberg

LTC 37 %

January 2019

Property purchase financing in Potsdam

LTV 74%

December 2018

Commercial Property in Stuttgart Region

LTC 88%

December 2018

Refinancing in Berlin

LTV 94%

December 2018

Property Developer Financing in Berlin

LTC 59%

December 2018

Allocation measure in Berlin

LTC 50%

December 2018

Allocation measure in Leipzig

LTC 83%

December 2018

Quarter Development in Nuremberg