A bespoke strategy for every project

At BF.direkt we analyze each real estate project from the perspective of the sponsor, work closely with our client on the precise scope of the project and then develop a suitable financing structure.

For each project we identify the best financing instruments on the ever-changing capital markets. We ensure this with an outstanding market presence alongside the long-standing experience and extensive industry knowledge of our 20 specialists. The result is a specially developed solution for your business and expert project support through to the disbursement of the loan. This is the basis for a successful project.  



  • analyses a real estate project with focus on the financial ratios
  • examines the intrinsic value of the project
  • creates a detailed and structured financing request
  • identifies a 'long list' of potential finance partners
  • contacts a 'short list' of suitable finance partners
  • completes the financing and optimizes both the loan agreement and documentation relating to other financing instruments 
  • and provides support in fulfilling the criteria for payment through to the disbursement of the loan and/or the other financing instruments chosen.



BF.direkt works in a success-oriented, entrepreneurial manner. This is reflected in our remuneration model, which is based heavily on the realization of the potential of each project.